Oracle Keynote Aftermath…


I think I’m in the minority when I say I was a little underwhelmed by the keynote yesterday. I’m sure there are many positive points about Oracle Exadata Storage and HP Oracle Database Machine, but it all seems a little irrelevant to me. I hear what Kevin Closson is saying and it sounds cool, but for me this is like discussing the merrits of a Lamborghini when I’m actually going to buy a Renault Clio.

I guess only time will tell how this will affect a grunt DBA/Developer like myself…



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8 thoughts on “Oracle Keynote Aftermath…”

  1. I agree, and will likely be blogging about it too. I like the cool technology since I’m a geek -and it seems to me that it suggests that will have rather more feature improvements than a patchset normally does, but no mostly it seems relevant to the ultra high-end market where Oracle is in competition with netezza etc.

  2. You have to admit though that it’s a cool piece of technology, it is a pity indeed that it’s only for larger installations.
    Maybe some smaller systems will come available in the future?

  3. Oh, come on Tim, you were hardly in the minority last night, it’s just I’ve got the loudest voice and you can’t shut me up 😉

    The OTN lounge was full of people who were underwhelmed. I’m not one of them, though …

  4. I still reckon it would make a rocking media server: “How many MP3s will it hold?”

    …and just how much pr0n could it serve up simultaeneously!

  5. Graham,
    Since the speed boost comes from excluding what you are not interested in it depends how selective you are !
    I’m waiting for the first AskTom on why its quicker to full scan a 1 Tb table than use a index.

  6. Totally agree. I wonder what % of oracles are small accounts, 1-2 license shops. It would sure be nice to have this offered in a small configuration like that.

  7. It’s not so that you cannot use this. The lowest configuration is 1 Exadata Storage Server + 1 Oracle 11g ( running on OEL 5.1 connected by Infiniband. And you should also see speedup comparing to similar SAN/NAS. This is due to ability to push predicates directly to storage, thus minimizing data transfer between storage and DB server.

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