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VMware price changes could be perfect for Oracle VM uptake…

*+-It’s not very often you see Oracle looking like the cheap option, but Oracle VM has always been pretty attractive on that score. The latest information about VMware vSphere 5.0 pricing sounds like the perfect cue for Oracle to start another big push on the virtualization front, as I’m sure a lot of VMware customers will be […]

Oracle VM [not] running inside VirtualBox… (update)

*+-I mentioned a few days ago I was having trouble running Oracle VM inside VirtualBox. I had tried with multiple versions of VirtualBox (including the latest 4.0.8), so I finally decided that is must be an issue with the host OS (Fedora 14). Today I worked up the enthusiasm and trashed my server by replacing […]

Oracle VM…

*+-Currently listening to a talk by Wim Coekaerts on Oracle VM. Just a few points of interest: Oracle VM installs directly on the empty hardware, not onto an existing full Linux host install. There is a very small Linux footprint, like the enterprise Xen system and similar to the top of the range VMware stuff. […]