Oracle VM…

Currently listening to a talk by Wim Coekaerts on Oracle VM. Just a few points of interest:

  • Oracle VM installs directly on the empty hardware, not onto an existing full Linux host install. There is a very small Linux footprint, like the enterprise Xen system and similar to the top of the range VMware stuff.
  • You can run the whole of it on a single box, but you only have a command line interface to configure the VMs. If you want the GUI manager you need to run a separate machine with some Oracle software installed on it (OC4J etc).
  • It’s all open source and free, provided you don’t want support. If you want support you need to pay.
  • Some benchmarks substantially out perform the top of the range VMware stuff, but these are probably never going to get published.
  • It’s going to be available on Wednesday.
  • It sounds cool. :)



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