Star Wars, Lego and a Webcam…


I’ll start this post by stating the few facts:

  • I’m not a major Star Wars fan. I’ve watched all the films, but I’m certainly not a geek about them.
  • I played with Lego as a kid, but it’s not my thing now, unless I’m playing with my nephew.
  • I don’t own a webcam. Actually I can’t think of anything worse than seeing moving pictures of myself on the net.

That said, I think this link is really cool: Lego Start Destroyer

I just think it’s really funny. Imagine the scene, it’s midnight and you decide to build an enormous Lego model of a star destroyer that takes you 10 hours to complete. On top of that you decide to film it using your webcam to create a time-lapse recording of the event for the world to see. Fantastic!

I love technology 🙂



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