2012 Olympics


The UK’s popularity is pretty low at the moment. We really need this Olympics to rebuild some of the bridges we’ve burnt recently. I hope we don’t mess it up!



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3 thoughts on “2012 Olympics”

  1. I love the U.K., but it’s gotten so expensive with the exchange-rate thing.

    For example, last year I paid over $400 per night for an ordinary Marriott in London. Bangers & mash for $15?

    As a tried-and-true Anglophile, I’m always on the lookout for cheap airfare to the U.K., and this site is teriffic, with $189 round-trips:


    Could I rent your basement for a few days?

  2. Don Burleson said…

    Could I rent your basement for a few days?

    Even I avoid spending too much time in my house. Five years ago I decided to gut it and start again. Unfortunately, after gutting the place it I got so busy that I never got round to sorting it out.

    In an effort to avoid the chaos that is my house I spend most of my time round friends houses or at work. I know I’ll get it sorted one day, but before 2012? On the current rate of progress I don’t think so.


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