Give with one hand, take away with the other…

When I first started working freelance, about 8 years ago, I got a bank loan to buy a car. I paid the loan off ahead of schedule and about 2 years ago closed my account with the bank. Imagine my surprise when I recently received a letter saying they owed me £340. Apparently I paid all the payment protection on the loan in advance and they forgot to refund me when the loan agreement finished early.

I’ve been having a little trouble with the knuckle of my right big toe. I went to the chiropodist and was told I had arthritis in the joint. I’ve got to have some ‘devices’ made to fit into my shoes to manage my foot movement and hopefully slow its progression. It seems all that stomping around barefoot at Karate isn’t the best thing in the world for your feet. What is the cost of this treatment? In total £345.

You’ve gotta laugh 🙂



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8 thoughts on “Give with one hand, take away with the other…”

  1. Hi sir
    you know I admire one thing about you.That is I always find a 🙂 no matter what is happening.Thats a great thing.
    Hope you get well soon and yeah totally agreed to that bank stupidities.Have seen number of times.Penalities for late-payments and fines for early-payments:-).

  2. arthritis? Hmmmm….
    The quack claims I got it in my knees, elbows, heels, toes, etcetc. I got so fed-up with his complaints about my diet causing it I now just call it “rust” and leave it at that.

    Particularly now that I finally got rid of a recalcitrant gall bladder and am back to a normal digestive system, life’s too short to miss out on bbq steaks!

    Mild exercise seems to get rid of most of the pain. A coupla good bike rides every week and it’s as good as gold.

    Old age? Whazzat?

  3. Aman: If I took life too seriously I would go made. You’ve got to stand back and laugh about stuff 🙂

    Nuno: Sounds like I’ve got it easy 🙂



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