Disaster Recovery Testing and stuff…


I’m off to HP for the rest of the week to help test our disaster recovery strategy, so I guess things will be a little quiet here for a few days.

OEM Grid Control Update:
So far things look pretty good. The agents still use a stack of memory, just under 1 Gig resident for the Grid Agent and IAS Console together on a Release 1 AS 10g server. Personally I think this is more than a little excessive, but the CPU load isn’t too bad at all, not like the previous version…

I knocked up a quick example of DBMS_PIPE in answer to a question on my forum. Personally, I use AQ for all my messaging these days, but each to their own 🙂



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One thought on “Disaster Recovery Testing and stuff…”

  1. Memory use, eh?
    I did a little digging of late on exactly why is it that we need so many gigabytes of disk to install Oracle.

    OK, lesse:
    $ORACLE_HOME/bin: 240MB
    $ORACLE_HOME/lib: 144MB
    $ORACLE_HOME/other stuff: around 200MB
    and that’s it for Oracle base code.
    $ORACLE_HOME/javavm: 212MB
    $ORACLE_HOME/assistants: 300MB
    $ORACLE_HOME/jlib: 111MB

    Spot the software that is a gross misuse of resources.

    As we call it around here:
    a waste of space

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