Critical Update, not so critical for Tru64…


The recent press interest in Oracle security has certainly increased the profile of security within our company (about time too). Unfortunately, it’s also repeatedly highlighting the lack of support provided by Oracle.

For all you guys and girls on first tier platforms, I guess you’ve applied the latest CPU already, or are at least in the planning stages.

Not me! I’m living the life of leisure, waiting for it to be released for Tru64. Although Oracle support will not give a specific date, it currently looks like it will take 2-3 weeks. Good to know that everyone and their dog knows how to hack my systems and there is no fix available.

So currently I’m still waiting for:

  • Patch for 10g Release 1 on Tru64.
  • Oracle 10g Release 2 (10.2.0) on Tru64.
  • Patch 4751926 on Tru64.
  • EM 10g Release 2 Grid Agents (10.2.0) for Tru64.

If Oracle had any balls, they would ditch the majority of their platforms and maybe start providing a reasonable service. But they haven’t and they won’t.

Bunch of jokers!



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2 thoughts on “Critical Update, not so critical for Tru64…”

  1. I’d do it like a shot, but unfortunately too much money has been spent on hardware already. It would be almost impossible to justify the cost, especially in the the “new world order” that has come about as part of our recent takeover.

    In my opinion the only 1st tier operating system for Oracle is Linux. Everything is a 2nd tier port, as shown by the recent release cycles 🙂



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