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I’ve made some minor changes to my blogger template so it’s now full width. As always there are some issues. The allignment looks fine in Firefox, but it’s a little off in IE. I use Firefox so that’s the way it will stay 🙂

If anyone has any problems I would be interested to know.



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11 thoughts on “New Blogger Template…”

  1. Strangely enough, your layout matches exactly what I wanted to achieve…info on left in colour backgrounded box with posts to the right in another colour backgrounded box. I spent a few minutes messing with the template last night but couldn’t be bothered to waste any more cycles dealing with it since it wasn’t Oracle related and I didn’t want to investigate CSS stuff any further.

    It does look good that way though so I might have to find half hour to look at it sometime.

  2. I’m looking at mine as well, but the truth is I’m looking at WordPress, that seems to have much nicer templates. I think you mentioned you’d had a look recently and I like Andy C’s

    Anyway, here’s the WordPress version but I think a proper move would need some planning.



  3. Doug: That URL doesn’t seem to work for me.

    I do like the look of the whole WordPress tool, and the templates do look nice.

    If I move, I’ll definitely go WordPress, but I’m not sure if I’ll host it myself or on

    Make sure you drop me the new URL if you switch… (assuming the one you sent is wrong :))



  4. Scratch that Doug. I can’t seem to get to the domain at all. It’s not your specific blog…



    ps. I set a blog up myself, just incase I went that route.

    pps. They’re back again now, but very slow. I like the banner Doug!

  5. I have also looked at a few weeks ago when i was mad at Blogger. There are two wordpress services as you may already know., the free service is not as customizable as Blogger. But the one that can be downloaded from and can be hosted on your own is far superior than Blogger.

  6. My main problem is that all these pesky Oracle bloggers keep ‘trying out’ (in what amounts to a denial of service attack).

    Specifically, Doug Burns has brought the entire WordPress infrastructure to its knees by importing all his posts, comments (and profile photo).

    Please desist or I shall be forced to tell my mate, Matt Mullenweg.

  7. Not guilty mate. I just created the account a week ago, “in case” I made the switch. I did all my playing about on my own installation.

    That said, I’m all in favour of a good witch-hunt, so long as you display photographic evidence of the ritual burning. 🙂

    Perhaps that could replace Dougs photo on blogger!



  8. I didn’t do *anything* Sir! All I did was setup a wee blog last night, then the dog ate my homework and the shower broke at home so I was late and then my bus broke down ….

    I think the best thing would be if Tim and Andy were kept away from matches and firelighters, if you don’t mind! (Then again, the photo *would* be an improvement …)

    It is nice, though, isn’t it? But I assume I can’t change the font for the code examples? That’s the only thing I’m not happy with and it looks like I can’t edit the template like I can on Blogger.



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