Over the weekend I decided to start using my weekday lunch times for something other than reading/writing blogs and geeking out on the internet. Instead I’ve started swimming, something I’ve not done regularly since I was at University many years ago. OK. I go every week with my nephews, but I tend to float next to them, rather than actually swim!

Monday – It was just plain dire. What’s more, I was completely knackered when I got to Karate in the evening.

Tuesday – It wasn’t so hard, but it wasn’t good either.

Wednesday – It felt almost like I remembered how to swim again and I wasn’t too tired later on.

Thursday (today) – I managed to do a mile. It was no walk in the park, but I’m still alive to tell the tale.

Friday (tomorrow) – Do I go for another mile, or do I go to the pub? The jury is out at the moment. 🙂



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