Fedora Core 5 (FC5) Update…


A lot has been said about Fedora Core 5 (FC5) recently, so I thought I would pull together a few things of interest.

Q. Where can you get it from?
A. Try here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Distribution/Download

Q. What is it like?
A. I like the review by Howard Rogers.
Q. Can I install Oracle Database 10g Release 2 on it?
A. There has been a lot of hot air produced (mostly by me) this week about this question, but the answer seems to be NO! Here is a draft installation guide I wrote against a beta version of FC5, but so far I’ve had no luck getting this installation to work on the final release of FC5. I’ve decided to leave the article on my site as a testament to my failure ๐Ÿ™‚ Please add to the comments if you have any workarounds.

Q. Can I install Oracle AS10g Release 3 on it?
A. Strangely enough, this seems to work fine. I wrote this installation guide against a beta version of FC5 and it works fine against the final release also. Miracles never cease ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course, installing and being stable are two very different things!

Q. Can I use FC5 as a VMware Server host or client?
A. Yes you can, but it’s not exactly straight forward and reliable. The VMware forums will help you get it sorted, specifically these threads (host, client).

Q. What do you think about, FC5 Tim? (Asking yourself a question is kinda freaky :))
A. I don’t like it. My main interest is in server software and FC5 seems to break just about everything it touches, so CentOS4 (a Red Hat clone) is the obvious choice for me.

I hope this information will make life a bit quicker and easier for anyone reading.



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5 thoughts on “Fedora Core 5 (FC5) Update…”

  1. I was working hard to make it work, without much success. Here are things that I’ve tried, in chronological order:
    1) Plain installation
    2) Relink with different options for
    “ipc” in ins_rdbms.mk
    3) Add patchset to see whether
    it helps. It doesn’t
    4) Try few more relinks with new options
    from ins_rdbms.mk
    5) Unpack glibc RPM from FC3 in a separate
    dir ($ORACLE_HOME/glibc) and point to
    it by LD_LIBRARY_PATH – breakes
    6) Move so created glibc into
    $ORACLE_HOME/lib/i686 – this also
    doesn’t work.
    7) Installed FC3 on another partition and
    mounted it and started a shell with
    chroot – this worked.

    So far, the only way I found to start Oracle on FC5 is to install FC3 partition,
    start the machine under FC3, perform the installation, reboot the machine with FC5 and start oracle in a “chroot” environment, pointing to an old FC3 partition. Technically, I did make it work, butI was so annoyed by the whole thing that I removed everything, settled for FC4 and decided to wait for FC6.

  2. Mladen:

    I’ve posted your comment as a comment on the article itself, so the information is there also. Hope you don’t mind. I posted it with your name ๐Ÿ™‚



  3. All you have to do is create a link to a file in /etc as redhat-release that has

    Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0

    as its content. The current version points to fedora-release. When the install completes repoint the link. Make sure that you have all the perequisite libraries….

  4. Hi.

    The redhat-release file was already amended in my procedure.

    Anyway, if you read my later blogs you will see that the installation issue is now resolved.



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