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A week last Saturday I checked my email and found an invitation to the Oracle ACE program. I was extremely flattered and instantly accepted. I spent the next few minutes preening myself whilst reading the news on Slashdot and The Register. Then I noticed that China had bought Google, Slashdot had gone pink and Tom Kyte had joined Microsoft. I checked the date and sure enough, it was the 1st of April (April fools day).

Needless to say I felt like a total jerk and responded to the mail with a, “Very funny. How vain am I to fall for that?” type response.

The funny thing is, it was actually real. You can see my ugly mug here.

I also noticed that Jeff Hunter now an Oracle ACE. Well done mate!

Of course, the pressure is on bigtime. Got to live up to this “ACE-dom” thing. I’m off to save the world!



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7 thoughts on “Oracle ACE…”

  1. Congrats to the almost last (and least useful) contributor to the great Natural Vs. Synthetic Keys debate (*grin*).

    Seriously, nice going – a well-deserved accolade to a true ace.
    I’ll lift a glass in your honor (NOT that I need and excuse, mind you ;-D).

  2. Thanks dude!

    “6th from last” just doesn’t sound as snappy as “the last” does it! 🙁

    I would have got away with it if it wasn’t for those meddling (5 other) posters… 🙂



    PS. Don’t strain that arm raising that glass 🙂

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