Holiday, passport photos, films and music…

I’ve just got back from a weeks holiday. When I left home it was cold and raining. On holiday it was very hot and dry. I managed to get sun burn using SPF50! When I got home it was cold and raining again. My holiday was 40 miles away from home. That’s British weather for you :)

Passport Photos:
My passport was due to expire, so I sent off the renewal form just before I went on holiday. When I got back there was a letter saying my passport photos had been rejected. There was not enough contrast between my skin and the white background of the photo booth. Yes, I really am that pale. I like to think of my skin tone as alabaster, but in truth I look kind of deathly. Perhaps I need a spray-on tan before the next shots are taken :)


  • Silent Hill (Cinema) – Dull! I’m not prepared to say any more about it :)
  • Revolver (DVD) – I missed this at the cinema. I really liked it. Not your typical gangster film.
  • Doom (DVD) – This got slated when it was at the cinema. I thought it was an OK film. Guys running round a lab complex on Mars shooting mutant monster things. It does what it says on the tin!
  • Casshern (DVD)- Japanese futuristic superhero type film. I haven’t got a clue what was going on and I gave up about 15 minutes before the end.

I’ll probably go and see The Da Vinci Code this weekend. I don’t read books, so it will give me an idea of what everyone has been waffling on about over the last few years. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it…

In contrast, I can’t wait for X-Men III!

Tool – Not sure what I think of this CD. I guess I will need to play it a bit more.
Fall Out Boy – I love this CD. I’ve played it to death over the last couple of weeks. Time to rest it I think :)

There are so many cool bands out, it’s hard to find the time to listen to everything!



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