Feeling Fragile…


I took a bit of a beating at Karate last night, so I’m feeling a little fragile this morning.

Monday night was tough. One of the instructors took me aside and worked with me one-on-one for the whole lesson. I just went up an down the hall constantly doing combinations and the six katas I need for my next grading. I thought I was going to puke, but I survived. Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… Or so I thought.

Last night we did quite alot of partner work, then switched to lineups. For those who don’t know, a lineup is where you stand at the front of the class while a bunch of people take it in turns to attack you with a single technique, which you must block and counter attack. After a few rounds the speed gradually builds up to a point where it’s a little frenzied. Finally, when the class was finished I did some sparring with one of the instructors. Once again, this started quite light and ended up with the pair of us lying on the floor, still trying to punch and kick each other πŸ™‚

When I got home I took stock of my injuries, which included:

  • A sore right elbow, caused by one of my punches being blocked on the elbow joint. Ouch!
  • A very painful right shoulder, caused by a stray punch that was meant to hit my head, but fortunately hit my shoulder instead. It hurts to raise my arm above shoulder height.
  • Swollen right hand, where I managed to punch somebodies elbow. I best avoid punching with that hand for a coupe of weeks.
  • A miriad of bruises on my forearms and shins from blocking punches and kicks.
  • A big green bruise on my chest, presumably where I got hit, although I really can’t remember it…

For the rest of the night I lay on my bed moving an ice pack from one bit of my body to the next. The only real problem is the shoulder, which feels like it’s going to take a few days to fix. Unfortunately, I have to go swimming at lunchtime, teach Ashtanga Yoga tonight and of course, go to Karate tomorrow…

What’s more, one of my friends is going to India for a little over two weeks, so starting next week I’ve got to teach his Hatha and Astanga Yoga classes while he’s away. I can just see their faces now when I turn up all battered and bruised with the odd joint that won’t move. Not exactly what you expect a Yoga teacher to look like πŸ™‚

It’s going to be a long couple of weeks… πŸ™‚



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