Curbing the spam…


I mentioned previously, my forum became the center of all internet pornography in my absence. To curb the tide of spam posts, I have to approve all new members. I’ll see how this goes for a few days before deciding if it will stay that way.



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3 thoughts on “Curbing the spam…”

  1. Did these spammers get past Spam Karma or is that a new additon? Me, I get tons of gaming spam and the odd medical one but most get filtered before they show up to the public

  2. I got this in an email:

    Blogger could not process your message at this time.

    Error code: 11.150FA3E

    Original message:
    From: [obviously, one of my real email]
    Date: Sun, 13 Aug 2006 16:56:11 -0700 (PDT)
    Subject: Too busy to go back to school?

    So if anyone sees any successful spam using my email, please let me know! I see that that Subject actually got posted on a couple of blogs using other real names. $#%@ spammers!

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