OpenWorld (Tuesday) – Part 2


I already posted to say this mornings “Meet and Greet” went really well. This afternoons was even busier! All the seats were full and there were people standing at the back watching my presentation on PL/SQL tuning. I was extremely surprised by the turnout considering it was a trade stand. Over the last two days I gave away about 60 books, so there are plenty of people going home with heavier suitcases. It was a really cool experience and I got some great feedback from the people I spoke to. I can see how this public speaking thing could get very addictive! 🙂

This afternoon I went to a presentation called, “What Every DBA Must Know About Grid Control”. As the name suggests, it was a quick run through everything you can do with OEM Grid Control, so there wasn’t really much new information for me. The main reason I went was because Julian Dontcheff from Nokia was one of the speakers. I first met (on the net) Julian a few years ago when we were discussing Oracle 9i OCP beta exam on, but I’ve not heard much about him since he moved to Nokia. I now know why. He’s part of a six-person team managing approximately 500 databases on versions varying from 8i to 10g. He’s a bit too busy to be frequenting forums these days. It was really cool to meet up with him in person after all these years!

I’ve got the bloggers bash tonight, which coincides with the big OpenWorld party. So I’m going to miss out on seeing Elton John perform live to spend the evening with a load of Oracle geeks. That just goes to show how geeky I truely am. 🙂



Update: I went and met the guys as the blogger drink. It’s always good to meet up with other like-minded people. A few of us then went on to the OpenWorld party. We were lucky, as we got there just before the doors to the Elton John show were closed. I’m not a fan but I was hoping to hear “Yellow Brick Road” and “Rocketman”, which I did. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “OpenWorld (Tuesday) – Part 2”

  1. hi
    could I contact with you later by email? I meet some trouble with learning ORACLE.
    I don’t know how to learn it well,I have studied it nearly five months.

  2. Hi Tim,

    I was not able to attend the OOW 2006 because i am stuck somewhere very far away in the North of Germany.
    I was asking if it’s possible to download some slides from your PL/SQL Tuning Presentation.
    I am very interested in seeing this.
    i have just finished reading Tom Kytes’ Presentation slides.

    Thanks in advance,



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