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Last night I finished reading “The Blood Canticle”, book 10 of the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. There is a drastic change in the style of writing in this book. Most of the sentences are very clipped, unlike the flowing style of the previous books. Also, the lead character, Lestat, seems to come up to date in his language, saying “Pa-lease” and “Cool” a lot. It’s not exactly what I’ve come to expect from this character. It’s still a good story, but it’s difficult to get lost in it with such a staccato style of writing.

Anyway, that’s the last book in the series so I’m free for the moment. Ten vampire books in two months is enough for anyone! 🙂


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  1. I was going to ask sir that are you not feeling that its a little too much of this vampire stuff :)?Good that series have finished.I guess I need some distraction like this too.Not in a good mood!
    With best regards

  2. I’ve been interested to read your series as I quite like the genre – I’m a fan of the old black and white double bills that used to be on a saturday night when I was a kid – Boris Karloff et al. Marvellous stuff.

  3. Jeff:

    If you like the vampire genre, you should definitely give the first 3 books of the series a go. They are very easy to read and give a really good idea of what vampires are and how they were created (according to Rice). Beyond the third book it really becomes a labour of love. There’s a lot less about vampires and quite a bit of repetition, but they’re still read well.



  4. She’s destroying Lestat! He’s losing his old world charm and aristocratic vibe and I feel he’s sorta being dumbed down now for a new generation. De-maturing him perhaps?

  5. i love the chronicles and i have them all i emailed her official web to see if she has any plans to put the chronicles on an animated movie. maybe to have Japanese animators bring the characters to life. cause i am dyslexic and i had to read these books over and over again to picture what was relay happening. just a thought

  6. Alternatively, some libraries stock Audio Books for the blind. I wonder if Anne Rice’s work is available?



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