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We’ve had loads of snow in the midlands. All of the schools in Birmingham have closed a day early for half-term. I can work from home and I see no reason to risk an unecessary car journey, so I’m house-bound for the day.



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5 thoughts on “Working from home…”

  1. I’m sat here in an office in Nottingham after travelling in from Lincolnshire early doors…it was clear as day on the way but it’s now snowing like crazy here so I’m going to play footy at lunchtime and then follow your strategy…to be honest I should have just worked from home anyway.

    Now make sure you’re actually working…we’ll be checking up on you from time to time 😉

  2. Snow? – I could still see grass poking up through it.

    What a pair of wimps – I travelled to Birmingham today for three meetings and back home to MK (OK, I did go by train)

  3. Snow? What’s that?
    Dude, take the hint – we’re all over here in N.Z. now, and it’s nice and warm!
    (I’ve gone all permy with Peace Software in Auckland – been in N.Z. since November)
    I’ll put another prawn on the barbie for you.

  4. Pete S: The main roads were fine, but the side roads were deadly. No need to take the risk. 🙂

    Tony: Long time no see. I assume life is treating you well in NZ. The number of people I know over there is increasing. My best mate has just moved out with is Kiwi girlfriend, and one of my mates from Uni has been out there for about 1 year. I’ll be coming across later in the year. Maybe I’ll drop by and take you for a drink!

    Doug: I hate working from home. There’s nobody to talk to and the fridge is too close at hand.



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