Struggling for inspiration…


I need a new version of Oracle, and I need it now!

I’ve been using Oracle 10g since it was released, and although I wouldn’t claim to know everything about it, I feel like I’ve already investigated everything in it that interests me. I really need a new version of the database to re-ignite my interest and get me writing articles again.

I know the release date is “second half of 2007”, but I really hope this means July 1st, rather than December 31st. Like a true Oracle junky, I need my new features fix… šŸ™‚



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6 thoughts on “Struggling for inspiration…”

  1. Everyone loves a new toy to play with, but am I the only one that gets a little rush of guilt that I haven’t learnt enough about the old version before steaming into the next one?

  2. You’re not alone. I’m sure when 11 comes out I’ll find something I think is new, only to find it has been there since 8i.

    Only a subset of the features of any version are useful in my everyday life. I happen to know that Oracle contains functions to perform pattern matching of DNA and protein sequences. Even though I have a PhD in molecular biology (genetic engineering), I’m not going to look at or use those functions because they are irrelevant to my day to day life.

    My point is, I need the new features to entice me back to the manuals, which will in turn help me discover existing functionality, as well as reaffirm stuff I already know.



  3. Nooooooo!.
    Having been a DBA since version 6 (thatĀ“s over 23 years worth) I wish theyĀ“d slow the releases down some. LetĀ“s not release the next big one until 2009 please.

    Or at least wait until IĀ“ve had a holiday (I know IĀ“m due one this century sometime:)

    A long suffering Oracle Freelancer…..

  4. I would have thought you would want more versions. Every time a version comes out I usually get inundated with calls from people saying they need people who’ve used the new version…

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