Hot Weekend…


It was a scorcher this weekend. I don’t know what the official temperature was, but it felt really hot. In true British style I caught myself moaning about the heat, only a couple of days after moaning about the cold. We Brits aren’t truly happy unless we can have a weather-related moan. 🙂

I was at a Karate course yesterday. Fortunately the sports hall was mercifully cool, otherwise I think we may have lost a few people. I’m feeling a little worse for wear this morning, but hopefully I’ll pick up in time for tonights Karate class.



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2 thoughts on “Hot Weekend…”

  1. Vegas was cold and windy. Collaborate07 had its big whoop-de-do at night outside by the Mandalay Bay pool, which has a sand beach. There was a band across the pool, I thought it quite ironic when they sang some song like “It’s so hot I want to take my clothes off,” it was

  2. Regardless of the weather, I don’t like Vegas! 🙁

    I’m sure the conference was cool, but they cold have picked a better location. Somewhere less devoid of soul.



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