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I had a quick go at this installation and it worked OK. I had to load a bunch of FC6 packages to get Oracle to install, link and run properly. It looks like lots of the “compat_*” packages have been removed from Fedora 7, which is a problem as Oracle 10g needs them. The “libaio” package is no longer present. I’m sure the functionality is there somewhere, but I couldn’t get the listener to work without loading the old package. Also, the “libXP” package is necessary to get the installer to run. It has also been removed, along with some deprecated X11 packages that were present in FC6.

I’m sure the cleanup makes sense going forward, and 10g is getting a little old in Fedora timescales, but I wonder how many other applications will be broken by this.

Of course, I’m no Linux expert, so maybe I’ve missed something and these extra packages are not really needed.



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  1. TIm,

    I haven’t done a fresh install yet but my existing 8i,9i,and 10g installs started fine on FC7. All the libaio, and compat libraries were available from the standard fedora repository e.g. ..

    Package Arch Version Repository Size
    libaio i386 0.3.106-3.2 fedora 19 k

    Transaction Summary
    Install 1 Package(s)
    Update 0 Package(s)
    Remove 0 Package(s)


  2. That’s interesting! They aren’t on the DVD, but I guess they are on the net if you need them. I didn’t have access to yum (firewall issues) when I wrote the article. I’ll run through the install again when I get a chance and revise that section.

    Thanks for the update.



  3. Its seems to be in the Everything directory of the Fedora RPM download site. I don’t think they got round to creating the 2 DVD, everything spin of FC7.

    I’ve now done a clean install of – no issues using compat* and libaio installed from the FC& repo using yum


  4. Hi.

    I did a clean run through the article and you are correct. The packages missing from the DVD are present in the standard yum repository, so I’ve altered the article to reflect this.

    Thanks for the input.


  5. I am having lots of difficulty installing Oracle on a new Fedora 7 install. I rpm and yum libX, libaio, compat*. The link does not complete. What am I missing?

  6. Hi.

    You need to be connected to the internet to perform those tasks, as they require the packages to be downloaded from the Fedora repository.



  7. hi tim,

    i got installed those packages while connecting to net.
    i am looking for a way without connecting to net.
    can it possible.
    if so plz let me know.


  8. Hi.

    You have to go to the net for them. I guess your only option is to download them and burn them onto a disk, so you don’t have to go to the net again.



  9. Hi Tim,
    My only access to the net is via Windows XP. I am a novice linux installer. I have a machine that, for corporate reasons, cannot be connected to the net, on which I have successfully installed Fedora 7 from an iso image someone else created. I have downloaded the installer for Oracle10g Enterprise Edition (32 bit). The download link for 11g under linux does not seem to work right now. I have changed my /etc/redhat-config file to redhat-4 but I appear to be having the libXP issues you describe above. I guess the libaoi and _compat issues will follow afterwards. I am also not sure how to navigate around the fedora 8 website to find these packages for fedora 7. Can you detail an idiot’s guide to getting these packages from a Windows machine plesae?
    Thanks in advance,

  10. Hi.

    If you don’t use yum directly, your only option is to go through and get all the packages manually. It should be quite easy to identify the package as they will be listed in alphabetical order.




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