Noons is channeling me, or vice versa…


I read the latest post by Nuno Souto (Noons) and it felt like he was channeling me, or maybe I’ve been channeling him. I guess everyone knows my thoughts on the fiasco that is J2EE, so I won’t go there. After over 12 years in the business, I’ve still never found a development technology as simple or productive as Oracle Forms. Maybe I’m looking at things with rose coloured spectacles, but it’s been 10 years since I’ve used Oracle forms regularly and I can still open it up and knock out an application in a couple of minutes. I don’t think many people could say the same of other technologies.

Those were the days… 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Noons is channeling me, or vice versa…”

  1. it’s not just the “knocking out an application”, Tim.

    You will also have something easily recognisable, in a standard and documented directory, that you can deploy into a test/production system in a few , documented and easy commands.

    As opposed to a completely demented directory structure that changes completely from version to version and acronym to acronym!

    And I’m not even touching the complete smorgasbord of ancillary directories and obscure and completely undocumented config files you’ll need to edit just to boot the blessed thing!

    I mean: talk about complete lunacy!

  2. agreed with both Tim and Noons – I once could develop applications (with Forms) – now I can “only write SQL queries” – the whole J2EE thing is too much work to do just a little work.

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