Overly muscular cows and motorbikes…


On Sunday I went to the West Mid Show in Shrewsbury for the second year in a row. It’s an agricultural show with a whole host of machinery and livestock on display. I’m not a country type, but I do like having a look at all this stuff.

Anyone in the UK will know that the last few days have been pretty horrendous from a weather perspective. Despite this, me managed to avoid most of the rain. The agricultural equipment went down really well with my nephews. As you can imagine, they are pretty sturdy machines, so the manufacturers don’t mind having children climbing all over them.

I guess I actually looked a bit more closely at the livestock this year, because I noticed loads of weird breeds that I don’t remember from last year. I didn’t realize there was so much variation in the shape of sheep heads. Some looked like dogs, some looked like rabits, and one breed reminded me of a dinosaur from the Walking With Dinosaurs series. Freak Show!

The cows were pretty cool. There were two standout breeds for me. First, the Belgian Blues are like the Arnold Schwarzenegger of cows. If you needed a cow as a bouncer at a night club, you would pick a Belgian Blue. They look totally amazing close up. Second, the Dexter cattle. These are so dinky compared to all the other cows. If I had a spare 2 acres, I would get a couple and just watch them. The farmer displaying them was trying to convince me how good they tasted, but I’m a vegetarian, so it fell on deaf ears. I just thought they looked cool. Kind of like the dachshunds of the cow species. 🙂

Last year, one of the highlights for my nephew was the dancing diggers. Take a bunch of JCB diggers and do some formation driving and Bob’s your uncle! This year they had the Bolddog Motocross Show Team doing some awesome motorbike jumps. The arena wasn’t that big, and the rain had made it very slippery, so I was quite nervous watching this display. The two main riders did some amazing jumps. You can see the sort of things they were doing on their website. For this display they also had a 15 year old boy jumping. On his third jump he lost the back end of the bike, due to the slippery conditions, as he was jumping off the ramp and fell to the floor. It was an incredible fall, but he got up and walked away fine. He spent the rest of the display standing on top of the lorry with the guys jumping over him. When we got back to my brother’s house my nephew got his bike out. I wonder what he was imagining as he jumped off the curbs. 🙂

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  1. They’re going to genetically engineer new mega-dogs that will take over the world. Personally, I’d like to welcome our new dog overlords…



  2. You’re right about the Blue’s Tim – they are the Arnie of the cow world, but having had the pleasure of showing one or two of them I can tell you they are complete gentle giants though and would be no good as a bouncer!! They’re incredibly calm and placid, you never see a Blue get lose on the cattle parade! If you want to follow them more closely – check out my blog http://www.fwi.co.uk/takingstock

  3. Cool blog! I’ve added your blog to my reading list in Google Reader so I will get to see any new pictures as they are posted. Keep p the good work.



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