I was at the supermarket and by accident I came across Polenta, which is dried ground sweetcorn (maize). I initially thought it was couscous, which I eat by the bucket load, but was intrigued by a single warning on the back, which read,

“Warning. When cooking this product may boil volcanically.”

They should put that in big letters on the front of the packet! I would have bought it years ago if I’d seen a marketing campaign saying that.

I’ve just cooked some, and sure enough, it makes a right mess. Not surprisingly, it tastes like mashed sweetcorn, but the visual experience makes it must-buy product… 🙂



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3 thoughts on “Polenta…”

  1. “Polenta” is a tipical meal of Northern Italy (where I come from).
    You just add some water and a little salt,
    wait until it boils and for 20-30 minutes you continue turning it
    using a wood spoon, until it consolidates almost solid.
    It is best cooked inside a copper pot on a fire.
    Very good with meat but also with fromage (“gorgonzola” for example).

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