Twitter, funny coincidences and updates…


Inspired by Dan Norris, I ventured on to Twitter yesterday and had a really good laugh. I’m not sure how regular a visitor I will be, but it is a neat way to keep in touch, and vent occasionally. It takes a bit of getting used to… 🙂

Jake posted this on twitter, “slammed finger in door ftw!”, and soon after this blog post appeared, Half-Baked Idea: “Tweet” your Pain! Spooky… 🙂

Regarding Twitter clients, Dan suggested Snitter and Eddie suggested Twhirl. Both had problems from behind a firewall, but worked fine from home. I logged on this morning and saw this, The Best Twitter Client for Windows Desktop, shared by Andy C on Google Reader.

Finally, I was in the mood for a cleanup, so I decided to revamp my Blog Aggregator. It’s been chugging along merrily for nearly two years, but it was looking a little sad and neglected, so I spruced it up a bit. It was never meant to include all Oracle blogs, like, just things I follow.



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3 thoughts on “Twitter, funny coincidences and updates…”

  1. I swore blind I wouldn’t get into that Twitter nonsense but I am starting to see the attraction – the immediacy and the networking aspects. Well suited for the lone business traveller stuck on a hotel room.

  2. Yes. That’s right. I am writing this stuck on top of a hotel room in Belfast.

    Hopefully, someone will notice my cries for help soon, get a ladder and help me down to safety from this ventilation shaft.

  3. @Andy C – Please dont’ jump. ManU needs your support this season!!!

    — Doogie Scouster, M.D.

    In all seriousness. I have been hooked on twitter since january. Some of it is inane babble, but I get a lot of relevant , real-time information off twitter. It was a blast live tweeting the election results last night.

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