Vista SP1 and VMware Server 1.0.5…


Anyone following my tweets last night would know I installed Vista SP1 and VMware Server 1.0.5 last night.

While I was doing the Oracle workshops I didn’t really want to mess with my laptop much, but now I’m having a right good rummage.

The Windows Vista SP1 installation took about 45 minutes and didn’t report any problems. Since the install I’ve seen no problems. My AntiVirus software (AVG) works without complaint. My VPN software (Checkpoint) is happy as Larry. The box still talks to my Linux boxes and my NAS, which is a Linux appliance using Samba. So all in all it worked out OK, considering the various worry mongering going on in the press.

Remember, this is one laptop being used by a computer gumby. I’m not suggesting it’s safe for your whole organization to go Vista ans SP1. I just thought it was worth a mention.

While I was waiting for the SP1 installation I thought I’d give VMware Server 1.0.5 a go on my Linux (CentOS 5) server. It installed fine, and apart from having to update my VMware tools on each VM, everything ran as before. There doesn’t seem to be anything new compared to 1.0.4, probably just bug fixes, but I guess the big change will be when version 2.0 comes out of beta.

Once the SP1 installation was complete I put the new version of VMware Server on my laptop and it worked fine there also.

So it was a pretty successful evening, considering the devastation that could have resulted. 🙂



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14 thoughts on “Vista SP1 and VMware Server 1.0.5…”

  1. on a dell server SC1435 i have install
    VISTA pro SP1
    VMware Server 1.0.5
    on the gest a W2003 TSE

    when I copy 150 Mo on the guest IT TAKE 2 MINUTES !!!

    I copy the gest W2003TSE on
    P4 WinXP SP2 VMware Server 1.0.4

    The copy take 5 secondes

    Have you any idear ???

    SC1435 Opteron 2216 2.4GHz/2M 4GB DDR2 667MHz Memory – 2CPU SAS 5/iR Controller Card for SATA and SAS HDs 2*250GB SATA (7,200rpm) 3.5 inch

  2. Hi.

    Sorry, I’m not a Windows admin. I’m just a user. I get bad network performance on Vista regardless of the Service Pack 1 installation. The built in zip functionality is also unusable. I have to use WinZip.

    There are lots of complaints on the net about poor network performance in Vista. I guess it must be hard to fix because SP1 hasn’t touched it from what I can see.



  3. Anyone try VMWare Server 1.05 on Vista SP1 and end up getting BSOD with at STOP 7E?

  4. Hi, I’m having the same problem, VMWare Server 1.05 on Vista SP1 and end up getting BSOD

    Any help?

  5. I’m running 1.05 on Vista SP1 with no worries. Maybe I’ve just been lucky so far. This is starting to scare me. 🙁



  6. I think I’ve solve my problem. I uninstall the Avast antivirus and the BSOD have gone. I installed AVG

  7. I am not seeing VMWARE certified VMware Server 1.0.5 on VISTA as host, can we use VMWARE Workstation 6 for Oracle RAC?

  8. Hi.

    I guess you probably could use Workstation 6 for a RAC installation using the same procedure, but I’ve not done it, so I can’t guess how well it will work.



  9. Hi Tim,

    I am struggling with following combination
    – my host is Vista-32bit Home Premium (which is my new notebook come with 2cores, 4GB of RAM, and 250GB external HDD)
    – installed VMWARE workstation 6 (the only vmw that certified on vista)
    – Installed RHEL 5 (find out that raw device is no longer supported)
    – Wanted to try ASM + 2 nodes of 11g RAC
    – VMWARE Workstation 6 unable to work with external storage (shared storage)

    is my last option is VMWARE Server 2 beta?

  10. Hi.

    VMware Server 1.0.5 works fine with Vista as a host. I run it on my laptop all the time. I even do demos for presentations using this, so I know it works OK.

    Raw devices are not supported in RHEL5 or its clones, which is why my article uses block devices, which have replaced raw devices.

    I don’t use Workstation 6, so I can’t comment on the setup, but I know the configuration in this article works fine on VMware Server 1.0.5.



    PS. If you are using 32 bit Windows, you only have access to about 3G of your 4G of memory. To use the extra gig you will need to switch to a 64 bit operating system.

  11. I have a new laptop with Vista Home Premium. I have installed VMWare Server 1.0.8 on it and set up a virtual machine running XP Pro as an OS.

    The new virtual machine runs but cannot
    ‘see’ its Vista host and neither can it access the internet via the host.

    I am guessing it’s the ‘overkill’ of security features on the Vista OS – what can I do to get my VMware to work normally?

    Any help gratefully appreciated.

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