Lots of good stuff out there…

There’s some good stuff out on the net today:

  • Tom is back and talking about the level of skills in the IT industry. I think we all share his pain. :)
  • Mary Ann Davidson has a great piece on security. This links in nicely with what Tom was saying, in so far as it relates to skills with the IT industry, albeit from a security standpoint.
  • Continuing the security theme, Pete Finnigan made some comments on my recent article on fine grained network access controls. I still get a kick out of being mentioned by famous bloggers, even if it is an attempt to keep me on the straight and narrow. Thanks for the heads-up Pete. :)
  • Jake from Oracle AppsLab has a piece on the move back to the desktop. I find myself having conversations on this subject so often these days.
  • Finally, David Aldridge is trying to add fuel to a fire. :)

Sorry to everyone I didn’t mention. :)



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