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I’ve just posted an article on SecureFiles in Oracle 11g. It looks like Oracle have done a pretty good job of improving LOBs in 11g. Depending on the LOB contents, and provided you can cope with the processing overhead, you can certainly save some serious space using the compression and deduplication options. Anyone who’s used Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) will recognize the encryption options.

I can’t see the old-style (BasicFile) LOBs lasting very long now this is in place. šŸ™‚



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  1. Hi Tim,

    I was interested to find out some details of the underlying objects that were created when using securefiles. But couldn’t see any of this in the document. I’m talking about new objects in user_objects after creating a SECUREFILE LOB. I’m curious whether the underlying LOB implementation has changed significantly. Or whether this is a just a tweak to the existing LOB datatype structure.

    Of course, I can investigate myself. But thought that if you were inclined it might be a good addition to this doc.

    Also interested in SECUREFILE peformance, but I’ll get to this when it looks like we get nearer to 11G.


  2. Hi.

    From a superficial perspective, it looks the same. Still the table, a lob index and the lob segment.

    I didn’t do any performance testing as I’m running this on a virtual machine and the performance tests I’ve done in the past are questionable to say the least with this sort of setup. šŸ™‚



  3. Hi sir,
    Very nice article. There are lot of enhancements in the stats gathering
    in 11g.If possible , can you write about the new additions in the dbms_stats, hash sampling algorithm instead of row based in the column statistics and all that please?
    It would be really great and simple to understand with your way.And its also a part of 11g OCP.:)
    Thanks and best regards

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