VMware ESX and Oracle RAC…


It looks like those possible VMware ESX articles I mentioned yesterday are now on the VIOPS site.

If you’re interested in the enterprise VMware kit it’s worth taking a look at the site. New stuff is being added all the time. I think it’s official launch is at vmworld2008 in about 3 weeks.

I’ve also added an overview article for the ESX Server installation to my website.



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4 thoughts on “VMware ESX and Oracle RAC…”

  1. Sorry it’s late, but I just I’d mention that using the VMWare tools to do time synchronisation is not reliable. You’re better off using an NTP server on the Guest O/S. Google VMWare and ‘ticks’ for info. A 3 node OAS cluster here keeps falling over in a heap because the 3 nodes are drifitng out of synch.

  2. Hi.

    I’ve heard this a few times. I tend to just use it for testing, so the VMs are never on long enought to drift significantly. Sure, NTP is a better solution.



  3. This is interesting. I am looking forward to trying ESX. I built a few 11gR2 RAC simulators on VMWARE Workstation myself at http://vgrigorian.com .
    I wonder if there is a big difference (and what is it?) between building RAC on ESX as opposed to Workstation?
    Vladimir Grigorian.

  4. Hi.

    It feels pretty much the same as VMware Server, which is similar to VMware Workstation. Check out articles and you’ll see what I did.



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