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I passed the Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administrators (1Z0-050) exam today. It’s a bit of a relief because I feel like I’ve been preparing for this exam for a year. My first OCP revision article was written about 1 year ago, when I was hoping to be ready for the beta exam. Unfortunately, all the presentations and teaching I’ve been doing this year proved to be a bigger distraction than I’d hoped, which meant I missed the deadline for the beta exam, and overshot the start of the production exam by about 6 months. 🙂

Well, now the exam is over it presents me with some new issues.

1) There are some gaps in my revision notes that need filling. I did a lot of reading during the preparation, and pulled out the areas and facts I thought were most important. Based on the events of today, this didn’t necessarily match up with the contents of the exam. It didn’t affect me, as I had done the additional reading, but as it stands I think it’s touch-and-go whether my revision notes alone will get someone through the exam. This means I’m going to have to go through and revise a few of the articles to fill the gaps.

2) There are a couple of OCP revision articles I’ve not published yet. I got a little impatient and sat the exam before I had finished prettying them. They will follow shortly, conferences permitting.

Like all the OCP exams, this is just the first steps towards learning this release…



PS. I suppose it’s a little premature to call myself an OCP 11g. I guess that’s not official until Oracle send through the certificate. 🙂

PPS. Before anyone asks, I used the Oracle manuals to prepare for the exam, so I can’t give certification guide suggestions…

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8 thoughts on “Oracle Certified Profesional (OCP) Database 11g…”

  1. Congrats sir.
    You mentioned that you read “extra” also. What was it from?I am using your notes , Oracle docs.Is this all or some thing else is also required?
    One last thing, exam covers up the contents which are mentioned in the offical content list or anything outside from it too also came?

  2. Hi.

    The articles contain links to the relevant documentation. If you read/learn this also, you will get through the exam OK.

    I didn’t want my articles to be a rewrite of the manuals, so I cut out some of the detail. It seems I may have cut out a little too much.

    The exam is mostly new stuff, but it does rely on some knowledge of previous versions. For instance, general partitioning, in addition to the new partitioning features.



  3. Hi sir,
    So I guess besides reading oracle docs, I shall wait for you to revise the notes. I am not sure that why the older content is asked in the exam as its NF exam only?

  4. hi Tim,
    Has oracle certification helped in you jobs. We have always shied away from OCP as to some extent the questions are not real life scenarios.

    your thought would be appreciated.



  5. Hi.

    Experience is king. Things like OCP are nice-to-haves, not necessities.

    I use OCP as a syllabus to make sure I understand the main concepts of a new release. Not to prove I’m an “expert” in it.

    As far as employment is concerned, my main concern would be people have experience, are enthusiastic and eager to learn. Someone doing OCP certainly ticks a box in the last case.



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