More Sydney stuff…

Today I started with a visit to Darling Harbour.

From 2008_Sydney

I’m a sucker for aquariums, so I ended up at the aquarium. It’s a bit bigger than AQWA in Perth, but the main difference was that the seals were swimming. :)

From 2008_Sydney

Next I walked across the bridge.

From 2008_Sydney

That’s not me. I didn’t walk over the top like these people. I actually just walked across on the normal footpath. :)

Next I headed off to Bondi Beach to show the surfer types how we roll in the UK.

From 2008_Sydney

This involved me walking round fully clothed trying desperately to keep out of the sun. I went a bit mad with the sun screen this morning leaving be with a silvery glow. I must have looked like an overdressed alien. Needless to say I didn’t get sunburn.

Later I was back in Sydney center, walking through the gardens when I noticed people checking out the trees. At first I thought these were some freaky sort of bird nests.

From 2008_Sydney

It wasn’t until I zoomed in I noticed they were bats. Check out the gnashers on this one.

From 2008_Sydney

Fun, fun, fun…



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