Back in Birmingham…

I’m back in Birmingham after my mammoth conference run, but I’m finding it a little hard adjusting to normal life again. For a start, it’s 03:15 and I had breakfast at 23:00. As you’ve probably guessed by now I’ve not adjusted to the UK timezone very well. I’m stuck somewhere between NZ and UK.

The weather is pretty grim at the moment. This is made worse by the fact I’m mostly awake at night. Having come from spring in NZ, this is a bit of a shock, and quite depressing.

The conference run went really well. OpenWorld was it’s normal larger than life self. There is the normal world, then there’s OpenWorld. It’s pointless trying to describe it, you’ve just got to live it.

The Australian Oracle User Group (AUSOUG) events were really cool. The people are really easy to get along with and the events were good fun. My talks went down pretty well, which was a relief.

The New Zealand Oracle User Group (NZOUG) conference was a little smaller than the Australian events, but that made it a lot more personal. I got to spend a little more time speaking to people on a one-to-one basis, which is a bonus.

About 20 months ago I wrote a rather desperate post about a friend leaving for NZ. Most of the time in NZ I was staying with him, his girlfriend and their 7 month old daughter. It was really great getting together again. It made NZ feel more like home than Birmingham. As a result, leaving was not the most pleasant experience and it all got a bit messy at the airport. Going through the airport security checks in tears is not a good look. 🙁

So I’m back, feeling a bit flat and a little depressed. Hopefully, things will feel a little better in daylight…



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4 thoughts on “Back in Birmingham…”

  1. Ah…the combination of a few minutes in Birmingham and a few months south of the equator…That’s why whilst I loved the UK for nearly five years, I couldn’t think of anywhere else to live but Aus!

  2. Great to know that you arrived ok. Was a honnor share some time with you in the Australian and NZ conferences, my home will be open here for you next time if you need it. I’ll confirm you the CLOUG dates very soon to meet you on Chile.

    Hope to see you soon again!


    Francisco Munoz Alvarez

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