Oracle Buy Sun Microsystems…


So Oracle have put in a bid for Sun… I suppose the next step is to release Exadata on their own hardware, but I’m sure HP have got some tight exclusivity contracts around this for a while at least.

I guess this purchase makes a lot of sense for Oracle due to their heavy investment in Java. Even though it’s Open Source, being the controlling force behind Java is good for them. The community gave Sun a rough ride over the control of Java. I wonder how they will treat Oracle.

If Oracle buy Red Hat, rather than just clone their product, they can have the full set now.

Can you imagine what OpenWorld will look like in the future? 🙂



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8 thoughts on “Oracle Buy Sun Microsystems…”

  1. Think this is a game changing move by Oracle. Be good to see how IBM and HP are reacting to this purchase

    But should we be worried about java….or is it just too well established now and too many apps written, for anyone to mess with it.

    Oracle have a fairly good reputation with developers, dont think they would want to change that by messing with java

  2. I think if someone buy sun in future, it will be affect on many good apps of sun. And I’m not sure, what this actions will good for most of developers in the world…

  3. So one company that does hardware, O/S, database and apps development tools? It’s like proprietery mainframes all over again….

  4. hi all,
    but there always a way opened, cause already there GNU Classpath, where all the
    Java APIs are reconstructed in GPL license.
    and some JVMs like JikesRVM,CACAO and GCJ
    will be there along with JNODE OS.

    so, if still we are foucused to the open source
    we can have our progress.

    JNODE are on good try.
    So,still open source future not mingled.

    have a good day,

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