You know you’ve travelled too much when…


You know you’ve travelled too much when…

  1. You are asleep in the bath while your taxi is waiting outside to take you to the airport.
  2. At the check in desk you can’t remember where you are going.
  3. You can’t find your flight on the departure board because you’ve forgotten it’s a connecting flight.
  4. The computer equipment in duty free looks tempting.

All of these have happened to me this morning… 🙂

I’m in the airport on my way to Bratislava (Slovakia) to teach a 2 day Oracle University course. In about an hour I have to get on to a flight to Zurich, then on the Vienna, then I have a taxi ride to Bratislava. As it happens, this is much quicker and about a quater of the price of flying to Bratislava from Birmingham…

It’s got to be about 12 years since I was was in Zurich. Pity I can’t have a look round to see how much it’s changed. I was in Vienna last year and I loved it, but once again, I won’t get to see any of it, except through the window of a taxi.

Please let me sleep on the plane…



Update: I’m in Bratislava now. No sleep yet. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “You know you’ve travelled too much when…”

  1. Dear Tim,

    Perhaps, you have worked to much… and so tired with your traveling.
    Just find something to do and relax… Or some trips.

    By the way… be careful;)

  2. Dear Tim,

    I sure hope that you can at least take a few seconds each day to enjoy the cultural events of each country that you travel in spite of your hectic schedule!


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