Oracle ACE Directors Briefing…


I spent the day in the Oracle ACE director’s briefing at the Oracle head office in Redwood Shores. We had to sign none disclosure agreements, so I can’t tell you all the “secrets” we were told.

Don’t tell anyone I said anything, but Oracle are releasing a games console. It looks amazing and will blow the competition out of the water. A hand-held version of the console is on the roadmap, but details are pretty sketchy.

Graphics and sound are “no-cost options”. The games controllers are shipped by default, but they are an Enterprise Edition option, so check your licensing before you attempt to play a game.

Remember, it’s a secret!



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  1. Yes, I hear the controllers are turned on by default, but if you use them then you are out of compliance and must pay up if audited and caught to be out of compliance.

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