Arrived in San Francisco…


I arrived safely at San Francisco. My trips to OpenWorld are never without drama. My first flight was delayed due to problems at Frankfurt, making it look like I would miss my connection. Fortunately a slot opened for us and we got to Frankfurt 15 minutes late, instead of the original estimate of 40 minutes. I got to the next gate with about 10 minutes to spare so all was good.

I decided to try out the “get drunk and pass out” method of flying for the second leg. For me this involved two Gin & Tonics. It had the desired effect of making me drunk, but unfortunately didn’t result in any sleep. As the flight went on I started to get a hangover, so the whole thing backfired on me. I won’t be trying that again. At least the experiment didn’t cost me any money. The air steward seemed to take a shine to me and refused to let me pay for my drinks, even though he charged everyone else. Top bloke!

The Oracle ACE director meeting is tomorrow, so I’m going to get some food and try to sleep.



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