Google Chrome… Not for enterprise… (LSB 3.2 restriction)


Having seen the fuss over Google Chrome for Linux I decided to jump on the bandwagon and download it.

When I tried to install it I was met with this message:

# rpm -i google-chrome-beta_current_x86_64.rpm
warning: google-chrome-beta_current_x86_64.rpm: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 7fac5991
error: Failed dependencies:
lsb >= 3.2 is needed by google-chrome-beta-

This restriction to LSB (Linux Standard Base) 3.2 presents a bit of a problem for any people running RHEL clones as the latest updates are actually LSB 3.1 (redhat-lsb-3.1-12.3.EL.el5.centos.x86_64).

I suppose that’s one point for the people running desktop Linux distros. I guess I will have to wait for RHEL6. 🙂



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10 thoughts on “Google Chrome… Not for enterprise… (LSB 3.2 restriction)”

  1. well thats a shame…….after all this waiting they only release for desktop versions (the lsb version is 4.1 somthing there)

  2. I recently saw the light and converted to Mint 8. The only, remaining, single last thing I missed from Windows was Chrome.

    On Linux, it is fast, very fast, staggeringly fast. Unbelievably fast.

  3. Oh poo. I’m glad I found your posts so that I don’t spend days trying to figure out how to get a work-around working… but of course unhappy that I won’t be able to play with Chrome.


  4. Actually for OpenSUSE 11.2 all I had to do was install lsb 4.0 using YaST and then reinstall Google Chrome. the lsb-release was already installed, but the core was not.

  5. oh!!!!my gawd,,,’twas by a sheer accident that i found this blog…hav been searching for a lsb update for two days..thanx tim…ty very much,,u saved me lot of tym..:))
    waiting for RHEL6

  6. Thanks guy’s

    openSuSe 11 which is the enterprise edition.
    Been chasing this around for a while.

    Installed all the “lsb” from SuSe and thought it work with no luck.

    Thanks to this post have a better understanding.

  7. I’ve tried it with openSuSe 11.2 and it worked after installing lsb4 from YaST. Greg Bray thanks for the post.

  8. Hi,

    I’ve been able to run Chromium which is the open-source version of Google Chrome on a clone of Redhat 5.5.

    After unpacking, link ~/bin/chrome to chrome/chrome-wrapper and you should be good to go.

    It’s my main browser nowadays because it is considerably faster than Firefox and more compatible than Opera.


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