PXE Network Installations…


I’ve been using Kickstart and network installations for a while now. I think the last time I wrote about it was in RHEL3 days (here).

Well I finally got round to having a look at PXE Network Installations, which just tags an extra bit onto the start to save you running round with boot CDs.

With the amount of installations I’ve been doing recently it’s really handy.



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2 thoughts on “PXE Network Installations…”

  1. I think virtual appliances are a great idea, but a lot of the time I’m trying to figure out how to install this stuff from scratch, so having a clean install is nice.

    The PXE installation is almost as fast as unzipping a zip of a clean install, plus I can customize it by amending a kickstart file, rather than messing around with it afterwards.

    If I were just blasting out images, then virtual appliances would be a great solution.



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