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One of my Yoga buddies was given a laptop by is dad and wanted to get it connected over wireless. His dad also gave him a wireless ADSL router, but couldn’t get it set up.  This sounds like a job for Captain Support…

The router wasn’t able to connect to the internet. It turned out that the router was not working properly and needed a firmware update. Next issue was the wireless connection between the router and the laptop was kinda funky. The connection would never work when any form of encryption was turned on. In the end I had to turn off encryption and stopped the router from broadcasting in an attempt to reduce the chances of people piggy-backing on it.

How are normal folk meant to cope with this? The answer is they don’t and they need Captain Support… 🙂



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  1. You go to a computer shop and, if they are decent, they sell you a wireless router (without a built-in modem) to plug in the working modem. If they are not decent, they’ll sell you a new combined modem/router.

    Personally I wouldn’t go without WPA encryption. Even if a router isn’t broadcasting its SSID, it can be trivially determined if you ‘listen’ in while a device is connected.

    PS. My router and desktop had problems connecting if I used a mixed case keyword, but it was fine for lowercase. Or maybe it was just objecting to some passwords.

  2. Hi.

    I agree it’s not an ideal situation, but it’s the only one I could get working with the kit they’ve got.

    I was able to connect using WPA from my laptop, but their card only supports WEP. When I tried to use WEP it wouldn’t work with their laptop. I suspect the issue is with the wireless card on the laptop, but there was no new firmware available. Trying to tell regular folk they need to spend money on new kit when they have something that works is kinda difficult. and the lack of broadcasting stops the casual piggy-backer, like neighbours…



  3. I think that every time I get an issue with Windows 7. Most of the described solutions are to a level of detail that sometimes even I’m hesitant to inflict.

    Must. Learn. Ubuntu.

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