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As always, you never know what you’re going to get when you do an Oracle University class. Originally the Hong Kong class was cancelled, then got rescheduled at the last minute. I was expecting a very small class, but as it turned out I had 19 people, so it was the biggest class I did on this trip.

The room was a little on the small side and a bit warm in the morning of the first day, but we managed to get through OK.

Doing the same course 4 times in such quick succession was a little odd. On a couple of occasions I caught myself thinking, “I’m sure I’ve already said this before”. 🙂

The first leg of the flight back home was “interesting”. There was an old guy on my row who cycled between snorting half his brain down into the back of his throat, then coughing up his lungs up into the back of his throat, followed by a good chew and swallow. It was less than a pleasant experience. Added to that, there was a small kid who was intermittently making a noise which kept waking me up. I kinda forgive kids on planes because it’s not a natural environment for them, but this kid had fallen out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down, twice. When they don’t look cute I’m much less sympathetic.

The second leg of the trip seemed a lot quicker because I was chatting to an Aussie lady about life, the universe and everything. Seven hours flew by.

So now I’m home and trying to deal with the washing, backlog of mail and yet another time zone. I think it’s two weeks until the next trip, assuming there are no cancellations. 🙂



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  1. On the ‘looking cute’, there’s a book called “Expendable”. The premise is a bit like the Star Trek “Away teams/red shirts”, with the ‘expendables’ being those who go down to new worlds to explore, a job with a high mortality rate. Someone in the Admiralty had some research that people were less impacted by the death of an ugly crewmate, so they went round recruiting all the ugly people into the Expendables.

    An enjoyable light read. The expendables call dying on the job, “Going Oh Shi*”, as the last thing heard from them is often on the lines of “I’ll just lift the stone…Oh shi*”.

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