RHEL 6 Released…


So RHEL 6 was released yesterday. Excuse my lack of interest, but I don’t think I will be bothering with it until Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 is available on eDelivery. Then I will no doubt start a frenzy of installations and testing. 🙂



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  1. Since they’re almost entirely from the same SRPMs and RHEL requires a paid subscription to access regular RPMs, isn’t the real reason you’ll wait for OEL 6 due to it being free?

    I just think it’ll be amusing if/when Oracle (who uses Xen for Oracle VM) ends up shipping KVM (which is in RHEL 6)

  2. Hi.

    No. I have access to the RHEL downloads also. I just don’t bother with them anymore. I always use OEL. 🙂

    Oracle will not only ship KVM, but they will support it as a virtualization technology as part of their Linux support. What they won’t do is support or certify any or their products against it. 🙂



  3. “What they won’t do is support or certify any or their products against it”

    Actually, they will support their products on it until they decide it’s an issue with the virtualization product at which point they will tell you you need to reproduce the issue on physical.

    Or are you saying Oracle plans to change their official policy with regards to virtualization in the case of KVM?

  4. Hi.

    No change in policy that I know of.

    Regarding support, yes, they will support any generic issue the same as VMware, but you are still potentially left holding the baby if you hit something they deem as being a potential virtualization issue. As far as I’m concerned, this is not support. I certainly wouldn’t be happy recommending this option to a client, knowing the pitfalls.

    Note. I’ve had live environments on VMware and they were fine, but the support issue always nags at me. For that reason I would always feel happier going the Oracle VM route unless the support standpoint changes.



  5. Hi Tim

    You might be interested in the updated support statement for Oracle on VMware updated on 08 November:
    Support Position for Oracle Products Running on VMWare Virtualized Environments [ID 249212.1]

    Including the acceptance of support for Oracle RAC (11gR2) on VMware

    Oracle has not certified any of its products on VMware. For Oracle RAC, Oracle will only accept Service Requests as described in this note on Oracle RAC and later releases.


  6. Hi.

    No big change here as far as I’m concerned. They just treat RAC the same way as single instance. No big deal as far as I can see. It’s still not proper support like Oracle VM.



  7. Is there any estimate when Redhat Enterprise Linux 6 and Oracle 11.x will be supported officially? Couldn´t find any recent information about this.

    kind regards


  8. Waiting for OEL? Why bother with the copy if you can have the original RHEL?

    Love the way Oracle create confusion:

    “Third-party applications that run on RHEL 5 should run unchanged on Oracle Linux with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel”

    Should add: “but that doesn’t mean the ISV will support you or certify OL”

    There is a detailed comparison between RHEL and OL?


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