My whole website stolen again…


I got an alert from Google yesterday telling me some pages from my website had been stolen. This morning I had a quick look and I can see that actually my whole website has been ripped and published on someone else’s domain. The someone in question happens to be an independent Oracle contractor working in the European Union. I really don’t understand why in this day and age someone involved in our industry thinks they can do this without being noticed. As a contractor, gaining a reputation for copyright theft must be about the worst thing you can do. I can’t exactly see many employers welcoming you with open arms knowing you might steal from them.

I’ve sent a friendly notice asking the person in question to remove the stolen material. Let’s see how that works before I start any strong-arm stuff…



Update: The site has been removed so the matter is closed an the person’s name remains my secret. 🙂

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13 thoughts on “My whole website stolen again…”

  1. No, it doesn’t look like the blog was ripped. He’s obviously got no interested in books, film reviews and general off topic crap. 🙂



  2. Sigh. That’s another DMCA notice, this time with about 60 pages I have to cross reference.

    Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll get started on it tomorrow.



  3. Hi Tim,

    Wow thats brazen and horrible! You should pursue legal action against this guy.


  4. It’s always the sign of a superstar when they don’t change the particulars in the example (like in ‘his’ Deadlocks article):

    Information on the OTHER waiting sessions:
    Session 159:
    pid=24 serial=51383 audsid=43465 user: 62/TEST
    O/S info: user: tim_hall, term: winxp1, ospid: 5928:3844, machine: winxp1
    program: sqlplusw.exe
    application name: SQL*Plus, hash value=3669949024
    Current SQL Statement:
    End of information on OTHER waiting sessions.

    Is his name tim_hall also? 🙂

  5. Yes. The blog listed in the comments is quite a lazy copy. Lots of references to my site left and all the images served from my site also.

    I’ve sent Google a DCMA take down notice.



  6. I see through your game Hall….its YOU thats duplicating your site around the place to crank up those Google Ad dollars….

    hee hee hee


  7. Gary: I set up some alerts that help me detect copies. Nothing clever, but most thieves aren’t that clever either. 🙂

    Connor: I wish. 🙂 The funny thing about both these occasions is neither seemed money motivated. The first one copied the whole site, but no adverts showed. I can’t remember, but I think you have to tell adsense what domains the adds will show on, so they won’t show on someone elses domain. So no money for me and certainly none for them.

    The second one just stole selective posts, but there were no adverts on that blog and no name associated with it, so it’s not like they were hoping to benefit financially or by reputation. Seems a little pointless to me. 🙂



  8. How do you have Google tell you that your content has been ripped? Much interested and I haven’t stumbled across this yet…

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