Oracle Linux 6 has landed…


Oracle Linux 6 has landed. It has been available for Unbreakable Linux Network (ULN) subscribers since the 6th, but arrived for regular folk yesterday. Download the DVD here.



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7 thoughts on “Oracle Linux 6 has landed…”

  1. Funny that you mention OEL being called OL these days. I just spoke with some senior folks at Oracle recently and he refers to it as OEL. Guess there is a transition period still with the nomenclature.

  2. I’m sure I read the link Sergio sent before and I’m guessing Wim called it by the “proper” name in the ACED meeting, but it hasn’t sunk in. 🙂

    I will no doubt slip up like this many times more. 🙂



  3. All the Oracle people I know still call it OEL … I think that name is going to stick for a while.

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