ORACLE-BASE on Facebook…


I’ve said numerous times I’m not a fan of Facebook, but in true “jumping on the bandwagon” style I’ve created an Facebook Page. Big thanks for Jake from AppsLab for his post about the WPBook pluggin. It certainly saved me some time looking around.

Now all I need is 25 likes and I can get a proper URL for the page… 🙂



Update: I have my 25 likes now, but feel free to continue adding them if you want to. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “ORACLE-BASE on Facebook…”

  1. If nothing else, a Facebook fan page offers 1) a scary look at what people give to brands when they Like them, 2) a solid referrer, 3) a sadly marketable skill.

  2. It is quite an interesting thing setting it up. I have no ambitions about the whole “brand building” thing, but like you mentioned in your post, if you don’t play along you don’t really know what you are missing. 🙂

    I’ve certainly learnt a lot about Facebook over the last couple of days. 🙂



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