Falling down the stairs…


If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, you will know I fell down the stairs last night. My office is upstairs and I often put mail on the stairs to remind me to take it up. I also have a habit of walking around the house with the lights off in the evening. These two factors combined beautifully yesterday and resulted in me launching myself down the stairs with a couple of empty mugs in my hands. The initial assessment was left knee and right elbow were sore and I had some small cuts on my hands and arms from the shattered mugs in my hands. As the adrenaline wore off I noticed more cuts and various bits of my body started to ache.

Everything is OK this morning. My left knee still feels a bit dodgy, but all the cuts were so fine they are barely noticeable now. Apart from that, it’s just an all-over body ache similar to minor whiplash. Fun, fun, fun… 🙂



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5 thoughts on “Falling down the stairs…”

  1. Tim,

    Hope you make a speedy recovery! And remember never to carry more than 1 cup at a time up or down stairs. Ask me how I know…



  2. You were actually very lucky… I tripped going *up* some stairs, carrying a cup of coffee in the right hand and a large glass (very thin wineglass type) in the left. Of course the first reaction is to hang on tight to the objects being carried so as not to spill the contents… Needless to say, the glass shattered, resulting in a huge cut in the palm of my left hand and severing both tendons to my index finger.

    A very good surgeon, a good physio and 3 months later, the finger was again working as it should.

    It still hurts occasionally, and my left hand is still quite weak.

    So: be very careful in future!

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