No Linux servers for Oracle Support…


I was just mailed a bug update and it included this text (spelling mistakes theirs, not mine).

Note customer is on Linux but could not find an available
11.2 Linux database to test on.  Reprocided problem on Solaris
confirming that there is some generic problem here.


And here’s me thinking that firing up a VM with any version of Linux & Oracle was quick and easy. Perhaps their VMs are running on Amazon, hence the lack of available systems. 🙂



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7 thoughts on “No Linux servers for Oracle Support…”

  1. It’s an opportunity missed if the support engineers aren’t empowered to provision VMs at will.

  2. Exactly. I can understand not having some of the big iron stuff hanging around, but anything x86-based should be a no-brainer, at least for a first shot.



  3. This is Oracle as part of the corporate world. If you are Sales/Marketing or Development you are darling otherwise you are in a back yard….

  4. They don’t have and RAC databases running on SUSE11 either, it gets frustrating when you have to repeatedly explain your not using redhat. (or Oralce Linux).

  5. Not surprised, as the quality of Oracle support has gone downhill for past few years. In fact, it is now common to have many first level support analysts unable to solve even basic issues. I wonder how it is when Oracle has to solve an HP-UX issue.

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