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Number 3 in the Felix Castor series from Mike Carey, Dead Men’s Boots is about ghosts of criminals possessing humans to effectively allow them to live forever. I got about 2/3 the way through this book then left it on a plane and was stuck for a couple of weeks. As soon as I got home I bought another copy and continued.

I am now totally invested in Felix Castor. I’ve got two more books to read (and another due out at the end of the year) and I’m already starting to get separation anxiety at the thought of finishing the series. This is exactly how I felt about Harry Dresden when I was reading The Dresden Files.



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2 thoughts on “Mike Carey: Dead Men’s Boots…”

  1. I’m glad you’re liking Felix Castor *{:-)

    I can also recommend Ben Aaronovitch and Mike Shevdon, although they’ve so far only had 2 books published, each! *taps fingers*

    Someone else has recommended the Jack Reacher series by Lee Child, but I have yet to try that; I think it’s crime/mystery vs. Urban Fantasy, but I’m not sure. Will try the first book once I’ve gotten through my current to-be-read pile!

    Ps. are you on http://goodreads.com ?

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