Return Of The Mack…


On my final day in Bulgaria I managed to leave my coat, hat and gloves in a restaurant about 2 hours away from Sofia. I realized when we were about 30 minutes from Sofia, but thought it was no point saying anything because we didn’t have time to go back and get them. When we arrived at the hotel someone else noticed I wasn’t wearing a coat and I explained my foolishness and thought no more of it.

A few days after I got home I got an email from Milena Gerova to say the coat had been located and she was going to post it back to me. A man in a van delivered it this morning, hence the title of the post, “Return of the mack”. Thanks very much Milena. 🙂

If you came here hoping to see a reference to the 1996 Mark Morrison song called “Return Of The Mack“, there it is. If you were hoping for a reference to the recent Mann: The Mack song, you have that too. 🙂



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