Happy Christmas/Holiday


Just a quick post to say happy Christmas to those that celebrate it.

To everyone else, happy holiday. Of course, if you don’t have a holiday this time of year I guess it’s just happy now. 🙂



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8 thoughts on “Happy Christmas/Holiday”

  1. Still there as of 16:25 Dec 28…It really does make you wonder when the content isn’t even ‘sanitised’ to remove the obvious signs it’s a copy. I guess some people don’t believe/care about intellectual property.

  2. The guy on the copyright team at Scribd that deals with this is probably on holiday. I’m on first name terms with him now. 🙂



  3. See the second comment by Nym here: http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2010/09/scribd-facebook-instant-personalization/

    It makes me wonder if someone in some spanish speaking facebook got bit by scribd and facebook publishing content they thought was their own personal copy. Poking around on Gabriella’s followers, it seems there are very few scribd docs, and the few there are are things that students would be reading (unscientific sampling, of course). If that is the case, would this be any worse, IP speaking, than something in my browser cache that some idiot java published to the world?

  4. Joel,

    There’s not a lot I can do if people want to take offline copies of the articles, although technically it is still illegal. Obviously, I would prefer them to read them online and get the traffic to my site. It’s also better as I am regularly amending articles, so the article on my site will be the most up to date. I often see articles that are *very old* copied on people’s sites.

    So the next question is, what’s the difference between having an offline copy on a PC at home and having it stored on a server somewhere? Well if it is protected from general access and search spiders, then nothing really. Still illegal, but chances are I would never even hear about it. The trouble is, these things are never locked down properly and always end up getting indexed. What’s more, they often end up hotlinking to my images and wasting my bandwidth.

    And so we move on to the Scribd situation. It’s possible people are compiling their own favorites lists using Scribd, without intending or knowing that they are getting published to the world at large. Regardless of their motives the end product is the same. My content is published on other people’s sites. Intentional or not, it still gets on my tits. 🙂



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