Google Connect is dead, long live the Google+ badge…


The Google Friend Connect badge I’ve been displaying on my website homepage and this blog is no more. Google have canned that widget.  Instead it’s been replaced by a Google+ badge. Unfortunately, the G+ badges currently only support Google+ pages, so I can’t connect it to my regular G+ profile, only the G+ page. Not ideal, but that’s the way it goes. 🙂

Currently, the G+ badge options are not particularly WordPress widget friendly. Even the small option is a bit wider than the width of the sidebar on my blog theme.

I’m not planning on double-posting, so feel free to connect to both profiles if you like. You won’t get everything twice. For the time being, my regular G+ profile is what I’ll be using and the G+ page is really only present to support the badge for those people who like to show the site some love. 🙂



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